About JDUCK1979's interest in model railways.

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I’ve been dabbling with model railways practically since I was old enough to stand up. First off playing with my Dad’s old Hornby stuff, running it back and forth along a straight piece of track on a shelf in my original bedroom, which he then sold off to fund some N-Gauge model railway stuff for me.

I had 2 layouts to start off with, which the rotten old sod only let me play with at certain times of the year. One of them still survives, though I need to at some point reattach the track to it again - I already tried to once back in 1998 to fill my time, but he sodding well ripped it all off again. The other baseboard he flung in a skip at the local recycling centre sometime around 2010/2011. I still also have a massive great MDF shelf I put up under my bedroom window back in 2002 to try get a lay-out going on.


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