As far as I recall, I first became interested in Sporty Stuff sometime around 1988, back when it was possible to watch top flight English league football on regular TV instead of having to spend a small fortune buying a SKY subscription. And also the Lombard RAC Rally used to pass through my village, and use the car park of the local cattle mart as a service stop area.

Then around 1991 I added Motor Racing to my sporting interests, with Formula 1 + the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) + British Formula 3 being the main sports I watched (and wanted to do some day for a living).


Personally, I like going fishing when I can (been a while now) + used to like playing football at school when the other kids would let me. Also used to Cycle alot, but now can barely get half a mile down the road without feeling like I’m about to have a bloody heart attack. I Really, REALLY hated Cross-Country running at school ‘cos they’d usually do it in crap freezing weather that set my asthma off.